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Home Insurance – Getting Protection for your Garden

Home insurance is a provision that all homeowners should keep abreast of to ensure that their home insurance policy provides them with the level of coverage they require. Many homeowners are neglecting to include gardens on home insurance deals.

According to a report on MyFinances, as a many as a quarter of the homes in the UK do not have any sort of provision in their home insurance policy which covers damage of theft from their gardens and, according to the report, this is leading to losses of up to £10 billion per year for British homeowners. Home insurance policies today are increasingly extensive and malleable and it is a good idea to speak to specialist home insurance providers to see whether you can get a more favourable deal than that which may be available on the high street. As with all facets of consumer purchases, it is important to discuss your needs and requirements with your home insurance providers to make sure that all the elements that you require coverage for are included and, with this in mind, it is clearly apparent that a good many homeowners across the country seriously need to consider incorporating coverage for their gardens into their home insurance policies given the extent of the problem of theft and damage to garden property across Britain.

Home Insurance – Addressing a Sizeable Problem

It goes without saying that it is important to find the right home insurance policy for your own particular needs and this is something that is invariably achieved by discussing your requirements with specialist home insurance providers. What is abundantly clear now, however, is that more and more homeowners will look to include their garden into their home insurance policy after the true extent of the problem was revealed. According to the report on MyFinances, in the last 12 months alone, 1.2 million homes have been subjected to garden robberies, 2 million gardens have been experienced storm damage and some 616,000 homeowners have seen their gardens vandalised. These startling statistics just go to show how necessary it is to speak to your home insurance provider about including your garden in your overall policy.

Home Insurance – Geographical Concerns

According to the report on MyFinaces, some areas in the UK are more susceptible to garden theft or damage and those in these areas should put serious consideration into including their garden on their home insurance policy. Leeds has the highest occurrence of garden based theft with 21% of survey respondents saying that they had goods stolen from their gardens. It is those in Manchester, however, who are most likely to encounter garden vandalism with one in ten saying that they had been targeted. By speaking to home insurance specialists, you will be able to ensure that you are covered if something were to befall your garden.

Looking for Home Insurance? Speak to City Insurance Group

City Insurance Group are one of the UK's leading suppliers of car insurance, home insurance and business insurance. City Insurance Group are an established company which have been offering insurance policies since the 1980's and boast thousands of satisfied customers who are delighted with the low premiums that are on offer. City Insurance Group provide their customers with a first rate service and offer knowledgeable and professional staff ready to offer advice on the car insurance, home insurance and business insurance policies that they have available. To find out more about the insurance policies on offer from City Insurance Group, just call 0800 0121 014 or email

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