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Compound Insurance for Impounded Cars & Vans

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If you are unfortunate enough to have had your car or van seized because you were driving with no insurance or other reasons shown below it’s likely your car will be impounded to the compound. You will need special insurance to get you vehicle released because main-stream insurers will not provide insurance cover. We have provided some useful information and we are here to help!

Temporary Cover

At City Insurance we have special arrangements made with leading insurers to provide temporary cover to enable you to provide proof of cover and get your car or van out of the compound.

Ongoing Cover

Once we have got you covered and your vehicle has been released from the compound we can review your insurance needs going forward. This means taking into account any conviction for driving without insurance and should be able to arrange a new annual policy at a very completive quote.

How soon Can I get Cover

Get your car or van impounded can cause lots of frustrations and interruption of your daily life. We try to make this as easy an painless as possible. You will need to call us so we can confirm all details and provide you with a quote. We can arrange immediate cover and that will be subject to paying the premium by bank transfer. As soon has payment is confirmed we can issue all documentation and get it emailed to you straight away.

Driving with No Insurance Means an IN10 Conviction

TDriving with no insurance very likely means you will get an endorsement on your licence – this is called an IN10 conviction. It’s not the end of the and we understand there are lots of circumstances how you may not be insured. Unfortunately the police are less understanding! Our job is to get you a quote you will be happy with. We have many partner insurers we can get you a quote you will be happy with.

How to get your car or van out of the compound

To get a seized vehicle out of a compound you will need a minimum of 30 days specialist cover. One day or a few days cover will not be accepted by the compound.

A standard car or van insurance policy would not provide cover. Only a specialist policy will be needed.

Proof of insurance

We will provide the certificate of insurance and any necessary documentation relating to the specialist compound release insurance. These can be emailed you or printed and posted depending on what you decide.

Proving Identity

You will need to prove you are who you say you are.

Proving You Own the Car or Van

The V5 is the document for the vehicle that confirms the registered keeper. This should match with proof of your address and that should satisfy.


You will need to show an MOT certificate if the vehicle is over three years old. If the MOT has run out, you may need proof of a pre-booked test.

Act Soon

You will need to act soon as fees will rack up for everyday your car or van is impounded. If you fail to reclaim or cannot provide the correct documentation and insurance your vehicle could be crushed.

It’s important to act quickly as you will likely be charged a fee for every day your vehicle is impounded on-top of the overall release fee. If after 14 days you fail to reclaim your vehicle or show satisfactory documentation it may be crushed.

I May Not be The Registered Keeper?

The registered keeper may well have to attend in person and deal with the requests from the compound. There may be valid reasons why the registered keeper may not have to be there in person, proof would be required to back up the reason, for example a medical problem.

Why Else Would My Car or Van Be Seized?

The authority’s have the power to seize vehicles and here are some examples:

  • A vehicle is broken-down or abandoned/li>
  • Parked in a dangerous manner or illegally obstructing passage
  • Driven in a manner that could cause distress, harassment or being carless.
  • Driving without insurance and or not have a driving licence



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